The Ultimate April Fools’ Prank

Nothing can top this ultimate prank. It’s a long-term strategy that involves TWO April Fools’ Days, but your coworkers will find the payoff hilarious.

1) Get a harness and a rope.
2) Show up early to work, before anyone else arrives.
3) Tie the rope into a noose and hang it (loosely!) over a beam, knotted in such a way that if you pulled hard enough on it, the knot would just slip out. (Be careful! You don’t want to actually hurt yourself.)
4) Put on the harness and secure it to the ceiling, right next to the rope. You should be suspended at least a foot off the ground.
5) Put the rope around your neck. It should appear taut, but make sure you’re not getting strangled.
6) When the first person comes into your office, pretend that you’re dead. Hang as limply as possible.
7) After a moment, let them in on the joke before you cause any permanent psychological damage. Persuade them to keep quiet so you can prank others.
8) Repeat for any additional coworkers.
9) The following year, hang yourself for real in the exact same spot.

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