Long-Neglected Blog Begins Posting Stupid Garbage

In a transparent effort to regain relevance after years of sporadic updates, long-neglected blog Enter the Jabberwock resumed posting again today with short, image-heavy, inane horseshit. Readers’ reactions would likely have been mixed if anyone still paid any attention to the site after all this time. Enter the Jabberwock was created in 2002 by Josh Crowley, who has since largely moved on to other projects nobody really cares about either.

3 thoughts on “Long-Neglected Blog Begins Posting Stupid Garbage”

  1. If the jaberwock insists on producing horseshit, it may as well turn it into good use and crap on a well-known cyst of humanity’s ass.

    But seriously, you write one of the very few blogs I consider worth reading. I think it’d be awesome if you started posting your usual stuff again.

    What’s up with the redesign, though?

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