A Voice for Men Founder Paul Elam: One Man’s Brave Struggle

Paul Elam, Men’s Rights Activist and founder of A Voice for Men, released a personal statement to his readers this morning in an online video. “I have spent my entire life refusing to allow women to control my body,” boasted Elam. “If I want to have daily bouts of violent, sudden diarrhea, that’s my business.”

Elam’s declaration comes in the wake of a BuzzFeed report on his life, detailing the core principles of the Men’s Rights movement:

Men’s rights activists often cite the first time they realized it’s a woman’s world. They call these “red pill” moments, after the scene in The Matrix when the main character is faced with the decision to swallow a red pill and recognize the true nature of the world or take a blue pill and continue living a lie. For Elam, that revelation came at age 13, when his mother tried to force him to take his diarrhea medicine.

By Elam’s account, he has proudly refused to treat what his doctors have described as “devastating bowel issues” for nearly half a century.

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