All This Has Happened Before, and Will Happen Again

Something I’ve been having difficulty understanding:

We’ve ALREADY DONE the whole “huge wealth inequality” thing, time and time again throughout human history. Over and over and OVER and over and OVER. And it NEVER FUCKING WORKS.

And it’s DEMONSTRABLY PROVEN, in contemporary studies — meaning today, by people who have a much better understanding of science, the world, and economics than a hundred or two hundred or a thousand years ago — that even if many of us have to make marginal sacrifices to get there, and a marginal number of us have to make larger sacrifices (like having to take home a measly $5,000,000 as opposed to $10,000,000 per year), we’re ALL BETTER OFF when wealth is more evenly distributed. Think of how much better off the economy would be if we agreed to pay even the lowest positions enough to buy the standard necessities for living, and maybe even a few higher-end goods? Think of how that would drive demand, which would in turn lead to more jobs and more demand for other things and more jobs from those other things, and so on and so on.

Imagine the prosperity, for all of us! And it wouldn’t take much. Just some regulations and some tax hikes that would barely even affect most people, and would only affect the wealthy inasmuch as they would merely have incredible wealth instead of unbelievable, ridiculous, unfathomable wealth.

When everyone is prospering — even if not everyone is working their absolute hardest, which will never happen anyway, regardless of incentive and disincentive — we don’t have dovetailing economic problems, our people are better off, and we can ACTUALLY FUND things that PUT US ALL IN A MUCH BETTER PLACE.

Right now, our educational system is getting defunded, and our overall intelligence is worsening compared to the rest of the world. We’re falling behind. How can America ever possibly hope to be at the top if we’re becoming progressively dumber every generation? How can we innovate and lead the world if we embrace anti-intellectualism?

Our healthcare system is even worse. We’re ranked well below the rest of the industrialized world in terms of life expectancy, infant mortality, and general health, and we all collectively pay more for it. (This is because the more something becomes a business, the more it focuses on making a profit instead of doing whatever it originally intended to do. You don’t make a profit by doing or making the best possible thing, you make a profit by advancing as little as possible and charging as much for it as you can get away with.) We’re far, far worse off than countries with socialized medicine. And what do we get? What’s the benefit to NOT having a socialized healthcare system? Slightly lower taxes for the middle and lower classes, and a larger tax break for the most wealthy, who already have so much money that the difference is effectively trivial? Is that really worth it?

How can anyone consider the United States to be “the greatest nation on earth” when we have knowledge of systems that work and systems that don’t work and we intentionally opt for the systems that DON’T work in the hope that this time, maybe, hopefully, we’ll break against millennia of recorded history, and our facilitation of massive imbalances in the distribution of wealth will somehow work out great for everyone?

Why do we insist on trying the “let a handful of people control most of the wealth and resources” thing over and over and over again, despite the fact that it’s been proven throughout history that shit like that leads to at best general economic stagnation and at worst massive poverty, suffering, and horrible widespread disease? What’s WRONG with us? It’s the definition of insanity, to keep trying the same thing over and over again expecting the result to be different.

We can do this, but only if we look at reality and we apply the solutions that ACTUALLY WORK, not the ones that, time after time after time, have resulted in failure and collapse and misery.

Look at the goddamn reality. Base your reasoning in what ACTUALLY happens when policies are implemented.

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