Pick-Up Artist Advice Addendum

I have a couple things to add to this post but wanted to give them their own space and not clutter things up with a bunch of postscript:

Addendum 1: As a friend pointed out, and it’s worth mentioning: Regarding the so-called “Friend Zone”, sometimes girls just aren’t sexually interested, and that’s okay. Move on. Is every girl who thinks you’re attractive entitled to your time, regardless how you feel about them? Do you think it would be fair for them to pester you until you finally relented and agreed to be in a relationship with them? No? Then stop acting like you’re entitled to relationships with anyone you’re attracted to, and that it’s okay for you to try to push and push (often in the most lazy, low-effort, self-serving way) until you get your way. If they’re not into you, they’re not into you. Give it an earnest shot, sure, and be up front and not a passive-aggressive turd about it, but know when to stop. Also, there is value to people beyond whether or not your genitals will interact. It’s okay to have friends, and not everything is going to work out the way you want it to, because other people have desires and feelings and interests and thoughts and wills of their own. Come to terms with this, or you’re just going to be a resentful, disappointed jackass your whole life.

Addendum 2: In every relationship, there will be complaints and bad days and fights and bullshit. It happens. No relationship is always perfect. There seems to be a sentiment among “Nice” Guys™ that if a girl complains about her boyfriend EVER, she’s dating a piece of shit. They might just be having a bad day, or be going through a rough patch. It happens. Not that you should be passive-aggressively trying to weasel your way between them anyway, but I just wanted to correct that misconception because it seems to be one of the most prevalent among the “Nice” Guy™ crowd.

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  1. Where r u shopping for girls?…or sounds like they r all shopping for u!…lol…U r in a real dilemma…My Mr Perfect died of Cancer when I was in my 20s…Sad but it was all part of Gods Mysterious Plan…I live in Dallas, Tx…R u onto the whole color code thing yet?…Its freaky when u think about it all being a sky map…Who would have ever thought the Gamers would be an Asset to Our USA Military!…Go Gamers!…Moby is my Favorite Artist but most people in Texas dont even know who he is…Texans are educated so I am guessing its the self-centered Pride u were talking about earlier…Good luck on your quest for answers….Keri

  2. Concerning Addendum 1: no bone again, as long as it’s ok to move on. And that includes moving out of the friend zone as well. Just don’t give me bullshit like: “You are an asshole, because you faked interest in me, as long as it seemed possible for you to get into my pants.” No, won’t mow your lawn for free or help you move. Nope.

  3. I like 8. The objective meaning you’ll get from belief is just as objective as choosing holy book B over holy book K, or U or B2 or whatever.

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