Megyn Kelly, eat the pepper spray.

I’m donating $200 to charity (St. Jude’s probably) if Megyn Kelly of FOX News eats a serving of pepper spray.

Please join me in this effort. You can contact her on Twitter at @megynkelly, and you can track her down probably at and elsewhere. Maybe she has a Facebook page. I don’t know.

But anyway, I hereby pledge $200 to St. Jude’s if Megyn Kelly eats pepper spray on national television.

4 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly, eat the pepper spray.”

  1. Is this about the Occupy Wall Street crowd, run-ins with the cops? Sounds like it.
    Whatever side you’re on, sooner or latter something’s got to change, this is just getting dreary.

    In any case, pepper spray sounds just plain yucky to eat no matter what the reason.

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