Dress to Impress for Success to Excess… Abscess… Recess…

Gawker: Dressing Up Like Zombies is Dumb

Look, guys, when you do stupid shit like this, the media is going to go “huh-HOH, look at these dumb dongs dressing like zombies! No content or meaningful message here, just a bunch of rowdy kids being dipshits!” and you undermine the message of the entire movement.

It’s MARKETING. Get it through your heads. Your message isn’t intended for the Wall Street bankers who probably don’t give half a fuck anyway, it’s intended for the people out there who will see reports about the protests, whose sympathies you’ll need to gain if you want to make any headway at all. And they’re not going to find your idiotic antics adorable and charming, on the whole. They’re going to see a bunch of kids playing dress-up for shock value.

Nobody’s going to give a shit about cops pepper-spraying or otherwise assaulting some dumb shit dressed up like a zombie, because they’ll see “police beating up someone who doesn’t look or act like me in any way, and who was probably being disruptive anyway”. It’s wrong, and it shouldn’t matter, but it does. It’s why billions of dollars get pumped into advertising and marketing and PR: because people react in predictable ways that you can manipulate to achieve the effects you want. There IS a Right Way to do this, and it’s definitely not dressing like zombies or otherwise being sensationalist retards.

Know your audience, and play to it. You’re not impressing anyone, and nobody’s going to take you seriously, and you’re ultimately going to be the focus that the sensationalism-hungry “journalists” end up focusing on. By which I mean, you’re taking the focus away from the actual message of the movement, which is the important part. With antics like this, you are nothing but a distraction.

Stop acting like dipshits, and Viewers Out There will start realizing that you’re not. Please.

3 thoughts on “Dress to Impress for Success to Excess… Abscess… Recess…”

  1. If you’ll pardon my saying so, A-men to this message!
    When you start agreeing with the police, when you think these protesters are acting like naughty children who think screaming SHIT! is funny, when you yourself thinking that what these people need is a good whuppin’ for acting so annoying, then you know that their views, no matter how worthy, haven’t a chance.

  2. Thank you. Seriously, thank you! These goddamned hipsters with their zombie-walks(it’s not funny, it never was funny, stop using old memes!) just want attention. They aren’t working class, they don’t really give a damn about the working class, and they’ll quit any movement as soon as it ceases to be fun for them.

    This is a movement to right a series of wrongs which have been visited upon the American worker for decades. It is NOT a goddamned art project, it is not an outlet for your creative expression, it is NOT there to compensate for the attention your upper-middle class parents back in Wisconsin failed to provide during your teenage years.

  3. These people badly need to realise that public relations in/of itself is not a bad thing; it’s only wrong when you use it to promote things that are wrong. It’s like saying that multinationals have websites therefore the moral thing to do is not to put up your own website but to go and troll everyone else’s with really inane childish sweary comments that will make all the other readers think ‘christ, what morons these people are.’

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