Troy Davis


Tragedies are undone, wars play out in reverse, the Twin Towers spontaneously rebuild… all because we killed Troy Davis! Thanks, Georgia!

And the best part is, nobody will ever murder anyone ever again! This is awesome!

Talk about Pro-Life! Nobody will ever die ever again! THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING!!!

4 thoughts on “Troy Davis”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about this case to really say if he was guilty or not, but from the coverage of it in my local paper, it seemed like there was at least some doubt, and as long as there’s doubt I can’t really condone the death penalty.

    Of course I don’t condone it ANYWAY, but that’s another story.

  2. The best place to find out the facts on Troy Davis is to check out the Savannah Morning News, or
    Yes there has been a LOT of debate over Mr. Davis’ guilt or innocence, but a closer look reveals he was a rather dangerous man with a history of robberies. This is not the lynch mob some of the media want to call it, not when it took 20 years to get the rope. This is a sad and confusing confrontation that could not be resolved one way or the other until last night. Mr. Davis and his supporters have had time to present their case, far more than the innocent Mark MacPhail, yet in the end nothing could be said or shown that effectively refuted the testimony of that night.
    I don’t want to think the State of Georgia executed an innocent man; I don’t think they did.
    For all the sarcasm in your article, you will admit it is over. Mr. Davis has gone on and it is time to heal. Whether that restores your dead puppy I can’t say, but maybe it’s a start.

  3. Typical. “Well, he may have been innocent of murder but he had a criminal record so therefore he was likely guilty of something that deserved a death penalty–and execution based on speculation is totes okay in a civilized nation.”

    And what kind of condescending shit is this “well, he’s dead, so shut up about it”. Is that how this works? That even if the state murders an innocent man, once the sentence is carried out it’s “yesterday’s news” and should never ever again be discussed, either in specific detail or in terms of the general state of our justice system? That we should continue to tolerate this evil because it’s “over”? I have news for you–it’s not over, because this isn’t just about Troy Davis. It will never be over as long as it continues to happen, and you telling people to just stop discussing it is essentially the effort of someone who endorses and is privileged by the status quo trying to derail and defuse any effort to end the injustice and right the wrongs that benefit you so well. We are not willing to lay down the weapons of social change just because it makes pro-status quo idiots upset or because a single battle was lost in the war against racist and authoritarian evil and that makes it somehow “over”.

    Bottom line is this isn’t about a single “dead puppy”, and as long as our nation is executing innocent people and letting racism inform their decision of who to jail or kill–mostly African Americans and anyone else the privileged regard as “uppity” or “undesirable”–it will never be over and we will never “shut up” about it. Just because you feel comfortable living in a country that carries out such atrocities as a matter of law doesn’t mean everyone else should be comfortable and just shut up and stop discussing or arguing against the situation so the likes of you can maintain a comfortable delusion that all is right with the world.

    1. You make a very good point. It hurts me, I am weary of it, but it is right.
      All the same, I do think Troy Davis himself was guilty. But he’s still a symbol of thinking about a rush to judgment.

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