Street Children

6 Images of Kids Too Insane to Be Real (That Totally Are)

The last one in particular is pretty amazing, and heartbreaking. It’s sad that we live in a world developed technologically to such an extent, yet things like this still occur.

The last several thousand years have been a great leap forward for humans, in terms of tool use and understandings of the mechanical operations of the world around us. Our knowledge has accelerated at an incredible rate, and we’re fast reaching a point wherein the rate of technological progress will be too fast to keep up. In this respect, we are amazing.

But when it comes to understanding not just the material functions of reality but also the implications and applications, and thinking in more far-sighted terms, we are no better than apes or pigs or bacteria. If we are to survive, as a species, much longer than another century, we’re going to have to undergo a similar great leap forward in terms of our wisdom.

It sometimes seems hopeless, but I have to believe we can.

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