Sportsmanlike Conduct

Apple Seeking Complete Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Phones in EU

The goal of any business in a capitalist system, if you’re doing it right, eventually becomes trying to destroy the competition instead of actually just competing against them and hoping your product wins.

Libertarian economic philosophies seem to revolve around expecting humans to behave rationally, and expecting businesses to compete as gentlemen. Might as well build an economic philosophy around pixie teeth and the density of dragon bones.

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  1. Well, the way I see it we could if we wanted to fix this system. But it’ll require BIG changes. And doing it bloodlessly is gonna be hard, because most of the billionaires are not going to give up the plundering until their forced too. (And there’s plenty of religious right nuts (And some libertarians, of course) that are willing to fight and die for them. (The former out of religious nuttery and the libertarians because their completely insane.)

    But the way to fix it will have to include actually ending the phenomenon of a billionaire to begin with. We gotta be smart enough to realize that it’s not reasonable that a tiny handful of people own most of our collective planet. We should simply move everything that’s vital to human welfare (banking, healthcare, police, firedepartment) as well as things that are more effectively managed collectively (roads) to the government, and have it transparently operated. And let everything else be done by small local businesses, or run by unions, cutting out the CEO-class and the big corporations from the picture entirely. And simply put a cap on how much of the planet an individual gets to own.

    But ah, that’s a different world, and that scares the crap out of people. Even though it’d be a much better world.

    But let say we want to at least get CLOSE to that and NOT let it get to a bloody revolt in which some dictator might take the reins. Then what we do is start a new political movement on the internet and vote out the corporate controlled muppets, and replace them by people who give a shit about the welfare of common people, instead of people who obey the billionaires. Because the established parties sure as fuck are all controlled partially (left-wing parties) or ENTIRELY (right-wing parties) by the billionaire overclass.

  2. Uh huh.

    And the fact that they’re seeking to use the -court system- to ban these products is entirely in conjunction with libertarian thought. The way I see it, the problem here lies with allowing the courts to make decision on winners and losers, imposed via the muscle of government power. This isn’t a free-market competition, it’s a business that’s very cozy with governments using that relationship to gain an advantage through force of arms, something libertarian thought opposes. Maybe if we eliminated the power of the government to pick winners and losers of products, and forced them to focus on cases of genuine fraud, the comparison would be made more valid. Blaming this solely on business is like blaming a person’s cancer solely on genetics and ignoring the six packs a day they smoke.

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