My idiot cat will never understand what mitochondria are and how essential they are to his existence no matter how hard I hit him with this biology book.

3 thoughts on “MeOW”

  1. A textbook might be too advanced for him – get a copy of “Biology for Dummies”, and maybe give a copy to all the fundies who say evolution is wrong. Hey, I could make some money with a “First-Grade Science for Fundies” book! No one steal this idea or I will insult you and your mother.

  2. If you go around hitting your cat with a book, ANY book, even if it’s “The Confessions of St. Francis”, then you had better watch your back. Cats don’t forgive, they just like to take their time to get even.
    Whatever your view on God, it never ever hurts to respect the Goddess Bast. HP Lovecraft knew that.

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