World’s Third Laziest Webcomic

I find myself here having to apologize once more for infrequent updates. You know I love you guys, but everything’s been so busy and crazy and I think I’ve gotten into another of those lulls where I feel like my rage meter has sort of become all overwhelmed and stopped working properly. I still get really fucking angry about a number of things, but before I can think to write about them it just kind of bursts and sputters out and I can’t bring myself to give a shit about them. There are only so many times you can read about, for instance (among many), people for whatever reason earnestly defending insurance companies before your brain just kind of shits itself and says “fuck it, just play some video games or something for a while, I can’t do this right now”.

This has happened before, and passed, and I feel like this time it will as well, but while it persists my updates here are going to be relatively infrequent, and I’m sorry.

In the meantime, I’ve started a new webcomic that captures at least a portion of that anger. It’s incredibly lazy, and is all basically transcripts of conversations I have (mostly — and all to this point, at least — with my friend Tom who you may have seen in Rocket Man) throughout the day that I basically just copy/paste into the database to be spat out as a sort of pseudo-comic. It takes about three minutes of my time outside of the conversation itself, which would be happening anyway.

You can find it by visiting Human Mammal Dot Com or basically clicking on that link right there. There’s so much content that it’s going to be updated daily simply because if I didn’t I’d get this tremendous backlog of material that would necessitate me eventually putting up like eight posts a day or something just to keep up.

I want to keep providing you guys steady content, but it’s hard when I have to sit there and write out some long essay on top of everything else. So while I muscle through this terrible lull amidst my general existential angst and depressive issues, you can check that out. It’s still in beta and I know there are a bunch of bugs, and I’ll be adding more functionality soon, but it’s there and it wants you to look at it so please do.


-The Mgt.

13 thoughts on “World’s Third Laziest Webcomic”

  1. I can’t blame you for being busy, but I’m looking forward to updates, especially the Chick Dissections that brought me here to begin with.

    I found the comic vaguely strange but quite entertaining, as well as a bit educational. I figured the Internet service in South Africa would be bad, but that’s just terrible.

  2. Weird cartoon, I get some of it, but it’s still weird. Keep up the good work anyway. If it helps say what’s on your mind so much the better, weird or not.
    As for the rest, I admit I don’t read the political stuff, too much at once. I do miss Chick dissections, but understand if you’re overburdened. But if nothing else, can you do them once in a while?

  3. Yeah, but you update every once in a while and care to explain the lack of frequency. It’s not like, Elf Only Inn or something.

    Take your time.

  4. Hey Jab, hang in there buddy. I’ve been lurking around here for a while and all I can say is that I appreciate all the effort you put into this site. Thanks for providing such a great mix of cerebral content and acerbic wit. You make me think, dammit!

  5. Hope you feel better soon–Chick’s still writing tracts, and the Internet will never have enough scathing commentary on them.

    Hell, I don’t mind doing a guest dissection of this one:

    “With classic Chick humor, Gramps and Freddy hear Satan complain how he thought he had beaten Jesus, only to see Jesus do the unexpected!”

    Yeah, it’s pretty funny, but not for the reasons ol’ Jackie had in mind. 😉

  6. Haha, nice little rant about out-of-date browsers there on the comic site.

    But, see, some of us have no choice in our browsers, as we’re naughty, naughty people reading your sites while we’re supposed to be working 😉

  7. Rant, baby, rant! As my kids once told me ” you’re funny when you’re mad”! Human Mammal is funny as is all of your stuff. Bring it on!

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