Rob Burnett for John Sundman

I have to take yet another opportunity to plug my friend John’s books.

EDIT: Linking to the video instead of embedding it.

(I threw on the titles.)

As laid out in the video, you can find the books over at Wet Machine, John’s site. If you can, do him a favor and pay for them. They really are worth it, and if you knew John, you’d know your money was going to a great place.

As for my own book, I just formally submitted it to a publisher after it became clear that the editor who’d promised he’d read it had flaked out. Fixed some of the early bits, and some of the early dialog, which was kind of stilted and was written a few months before I wrote the remaining, like, 90% of the book. Big improvement.

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  1. Wish I could tell you. He said “yeah, sure, send it to me! Don’t send it to the slush pile, because it can take up to six months for them to read it.” So, I sent it to him, and I didn’t want to pester him, so I waited… and then about eight months rolled around, so I e-mailed him asking him if he’d gotten around to reading it yet. Never received a response. So I tried a couple more times over the course of a couple months, and he never got back to me. Though, I haven’t seen his gmail account pop online, so it’s possible he changed e-mail addresses, but that still doesn’t excuse his having taken so long to read it without any response or explanation.

    I’m friends with some people who know him, and one of them told me he sometimes does this — offers to read things and then kind of flakes out and needs to be prodded a few times. But I can’t really prod him when I can’t get in touch with him, and part of me worries that either a) I somehow managed to piss him off (though I have no idea how), or b) he absolutely hated the book so much that he can’t even bring himself to send a form letter to reject it.


  2. Don’t take responsibility for this guy being a jerk. He is probably a master procrastinator and doesn’t really give a shit that people are hopefully awaiting his reply. Maybe it is a power trip for him to think he is some sort of a god who can manipulate people’s lives by dicking with them. Anyway, I’ve read the book and it is worthy. Don’t give up. Send your manuscript to someone who might give a shit. There are others out there who actually do their jobs well.

  3. Josh,

    Good luck with the book. Believe me, I know how frustrating the situation is.

    Meanwhile, thanks for generously plugging my book.

    I appreciate it.


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