Oh, goOOod for you.

I think we should start giving out Christian Baleouts, wherein we scream at automakers and banks about how fucking unprofessional they are.

13 thoughts on “Oh, goOOod for you.”

  1. You don’t have to be a Christian to want to scream at banks and automakers, and they don’t have to be Christian to screw up. This is a game everybody can play.

  2. :psylon:

    Panda Rosa: Er, check out the link I posted above for Dean in comment number 4. I hate to explain my jokes, but it’s a play on “Christian Bale” and “bailouts”.

    Janet: Hee!

  3. Ah, I saw the “Christian Bale” thing(though only after pondering Felis’s joke for a while, I’m ashamed to say), but seemed a bit random to me. *Bonks self*

    Link to the YouTube vid says “malformed video ID”.

  4. I get your point now, and that’s awful, groan groan groan 😀
    As for Felis’ reference… well, I know Obama’s okay, you’re really not a hero until you get parodied in your own comic book. Maybe he could take on Faceless God?
    Uh-oh, I am going to be so in trouble for this…

  5. Hey Jabberwock, this is GOD, I saw that Christian Baleout,thing and I have to tell thou, you are so going to hell for that for terrible puns art a great and mighty sin.

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