9 thoughts on “Cartoons That Make Me Want to Kill Myself #41439”

  1. I remember that one! I can see why that’s been off the air for years, pretty dramatic for a cartoon.
    Sad, odd, and a bit pointless. The male Hawaiian bird’s devotion is touching, but I can see how people would say he was a fool for standing by his faithless girl. Notice how she first pounded on the playboy-bird’s door, crying to be let back in?
    Interesting how she bound her wings so she wouldn’t fly!
    I have often wondered, if Playbird came back to the Hawaiians’ cottage, offering even false promises, would our little sweetie run off with him again. Okay I am a cynic.

  2. Yeah, that’s nothing, buster. Take a look at the cartoons I watched when I was a little girl, by the same guy!

    Somewhere in Dreamland–two children living in overwhelming poverty with their single mother. Their only escape from the despair comes when they retreat into the world of REM-sleep where they get to wear decent clothes and have enough to eat. Until they wake up, of course.

    Christmas comes but once a year–nothing like orphans crying over their broken xmas toys to brighten up the holidays!

    Panda Rosa–I actually thought she was making a noose at first! Either way, it’s a particularly depressing little detail that so many forget when creating children’s cartoons!

  3. if you really want to see a cool blast from the past, check out Balloonland on YouTube, featuring my favorite villian, THE PINCUSHION MAN!
    to say more is to spoil things.

  4. AAAHH!!! Not the Pincushion Man as seen on MST3K: Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders!? “And…now we’re in hell.”

  5. Wow, that’s pretty wild and demented! I love how there are pretty much no repercussions of the insane killing spree. “Well, that’s over with, now we can party!”

  6. So, uh.

    Christmas Comes But Once a Year.

    First glance, the guy’s nice and all.

    But. I’m pretty sure that the next rainy day that comes along, those orphans will wish that he’d let them keep unbroken umbrellas instead. And usable cooking equipment for the kitchen.

  7. That’s what we always said!

    Well, first we wondered why these orphans were apparently all by themselves and where, precisely, this person could be. Then we were wondering whether whoever runs the orphanage was going to come in and, upon finding her kitchen ransacked and empty, would end up beating the kids with a frying pan or something. Once she extracted it from one of their toys, that is.

    I mean, there has to be someone running the place. Unless it’s Santa who left the poorest and most needy of kiddies with defective crap while saving the good stuff for all the more fortunate children. Much like God, I’m sure Santa will get no blame for this incident and might even get the credit for “sending” the inventor over to fix his mistake….

    Oops…I’ve gone cross-eyed. Better stop now!

  8. And, really . . . toys made from whatever stuff you happen to have around the kitchen seem awesome at first, but what makes you think they’d last much longer than the toys that broke in the first place? That toy train? The wheels are made of china dishes. Well, probably not real china. It IS an orphanage. But something fragile. One crash, and you’ll not only have no train, but you’ll be eating from your hands for the next year.

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