So, I made another video. I’ve been inspired of late to write scripts for sketches, and I’m hoping to write at least two and film at least one a week. I’ll have a post about all of this sometime in the near future, explaining my realization that I’d generally become too serious and angry as a person over the last eight years, but for now, just enjoy this video that I made with my goofy, questionable acting and such. And if you like it, tell your friends.

If you have trouble with stuttering and such with the video, you’ll want to click the little button on the right of the video (when you mouseover it) to turn HD off. If that still doesn’t work for you, I’ll have a YouTube link up at some point in the near future, though I’ve noticed their compression seems really lossy, especially when it comes to audio, so I recommend Vimeo for the full experience, if your computer can handle it.

Anyway, here goes:

мебели бургас
Voices from J Crowley on Vimeo.

17 thoughts on “Voices”

  1. I loved it! We need to see more of this sort of stuff. Most films now, and short films, too, are far too mainstream. I like things that are different. Give me more!!!


    Creepy once the humorous parts were over. Though my partner thought it needed more humor, and that it could have used someone pointing out to the protagonist that if he took his pills, it could save him the trouble.

    I thought it was fine, though I thought the ending was too understated.

  3. Hilarious!!! Nothing is funnier than someone eating a salad and crying. It took me awhile to understand the end though.

  4. That was quite amusing (though I was hoping for an insane Cronenberg-esque pay off!) I believe that the majority of us have been “too serious and angry” (with good reason) over the last eight years, but it is good to have creative outlets, as you do. I am still curious as to whether you have ever attempted or considered an animated project? 🙂

  5. Make another video! Do it! Make a funny video to amuse your invisible web friends! Be creative! Entertain them! Make another video! Now!!!!

  6. No, not the healthy snack…NOT THE HEALTHY SNACK!

    Okay, but in all seriousness, I don’t have enough of a creative outlook to understand the ending, as it seems some people have here. Clarification please, anyone :P?

  7. Not enough humor? If you don’t take the pills you have to eat a healthy snack…with vinaigrette…with the pills you can calmly eat oreos. This is not funny? I don’t cry when I eat oreos. HA

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