Look, don’t call me a bigot — marriage has always been defined as ‘between a man and an eight-year-old girl’.

If our “mission” was ever to bring freedom and equality to the Middle East, we really should’ve started with Saudi Arabia instead of acting like they were our best pals. That place is arguably the most back-fucking-asswards place in the entire region. Any place that believes that women (in this case specifically, daughters) are effectively property is in dire need of a forceful drag into the twenty-first century, especially when the judges — the people looked upon by the country as bastions of legal wisdom — think that it’s a-okay for a nearly fifty-year-old man to marry an eight-year-old girl in order for her dad to settle some debts.

You can have all the judges and princes and SUVs and palaces that you want, but if you honestly feel this is in any way sensible, your civilization’s barely a step above clubbing things with femurs and fearfully hurling your own shit at thunderclaps. I mean, can you at least put in an effort to catch up with billions of people who don’t, for instance, think women need to be stoned to death for getting raped?

And don’t get me started on the fact that this story is actually not that far a leap from the original, traditional “Institution Of Marriage” that fundamentalists keep yammering on about, where it was more about women being property than anything else. There’s just so much wrong with everything that it nearly makes me physically ill.

I really don’t know how Christians can be swayed and converted by the fear of Hell’s torments when we already live in a world where this kind of shit happens. There’s little that could really be all that more terrifying than the myriad cruel and idiotic behaviors exhibited by the last several thousand years of humanity.

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  1. At least they’re saying the girl doesn’t have to consummate the marriage until she hits puberty, at which point she has the option of divorcing the guy.

    And I dearly hope she won’t be killed for it.

  2. . . . to clarify, that was just me attempting to cling to a shred of faith in humanity. This is a tough time of the year for me, what with It’s a Wonderful Life being shown to provide evidence that humanity is fucked and that only a handful of decent individuals can make the world a better place at the sacrifice of their hopes, dreams, and any effort to better their own lot in life.

  3. Aw hell.
    My mom told me about this dream she had recently, where she was in Washington, talking to George and Laura. She ended the conversation with them by saying, “You know, George, even though he really disagrees with your politics, my son would love to be here and have a discussion with you.” I laughed and told her that I had heard that arguing with George W. Bush is like arguing with a brick wall.
    But if I did have a chance to seriously argue with George Bush, I would ask why his policies have done nothing, besides pressing for more domestic drilling, to end our whoring ourselves to people like the Saudi royal family. If gave me some libertarian, “the free-market will work-it-all-out-in-the-end” bullshit, I would reply, “The free market has done nothing. It’s time to give it a little push.”
    Because after all, pleasing your cronies at Exxon-Mobil is soooooooooo much more important than, say, ensuring the security of our nation. Which is something Bush-Cheney promised to do, and something they are failing at by enabling our addiction to oil.

  4. “But, but, but, she didn’t have to CONSUMMATE THE MARRIAGE, just MARRY him, so, so that makes it okay! Right!?”

    Oh, Lin, by the way, you’re absolutely right. Speaking of national security, I am rather concerned about the state of affairs with the military. After all, two hundred and fifty billion dollars a year are invested in it, and half the personnel — usually soldiers or pilots — can’t aim properly.

    Hell, I’ve even seen some footage of Delta Force personnel, and the way they perform in combat seems awfully unprofessional: gawping at an Apache and yelling, “Wow, what the fuck is that!?”

    …What? You don’t know? Despite the fact that you’re meant to be fully trained SPECIAL FORCES, you don’t know what’s going on!? That’s not just ridiculous, it’s downright frightening.

    Now, I’m not knocking them. Really. They do a job that they don’t want to do because we can’t be bothered, and it’s a horrible, horrible job. They’re all probably quite nice as well (save for David Wotari, of course). But, the fact is, they are NOT military material. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, and they aren’t even trained to tell the difference between a Taliban emblem and an RAF roundel.

    If they can’t win a war against a few lunatics with machetes and Cold War-era weaponry, how on Earth could they defend America if it was ever invaded?

    That said, they spend an awful lot of money on trying to pressure/cajole/threaten/beg Number Ten into not releasing friendly-fire incidents, so they certainly HAVE the money somewhere . . .

  5. I’ve read many articles on the lack of respect for women in these cultures. There was one story that I recall of a woman who was repeatedly beaten by her husband and finally had enough. She called her mother and asked her to meet her at a lawyer’s office so she could file for a divorce. The mother, along with the woman’s brother, met the woman at the lawyer’s office. The brother shot the woman and was not arrested. The findings were that the shooting was justified because the beaten woman had disgraced her family and dishonored their culture. He was considered a hero. There are stories of female castration (mutilation of the clitoris) because men not woman are the only ones who are supposed to have pleasure during sex. These things are happening less and less but are still happening. It boggles the mind that this is permitted to continue. How can anyone think this is acceptable?!

  6. my problem with this story?

    years ago, when i was very sick and suicidal, i asked my dad if he ever regretted that me and my sisters weren’t normal (we all have “mental health” issues…) he said no, he regretted the fact that we WERE normal. as in, EVERYONE is depressed or bi-polar or more.

    that is my problem with this story. the story isn’t an 8 year old CHILD being forced into marriage; the story is that an 8 year old child being forced into marriage is still relativly common.

    and really, it’s no better if its a 12 year old. or a 16 year old. and it’s common. normal.

    in the Middle East, *I*, a 32 year old woman who is not married, is what’s wrong.

    i would have cried over this, but i already did when i saw it yesterday. sigh. but thank you for posting – iit needs to have lots of attention.

  7. This is one posting I can only support wholeheartedly, whatever else my views. How can anyone with a heart and a soul support such hellish views?

  8. @Felis

    those “cold war era weapons” are Ak47s probable the best assault rifle ever made, it does not surprise me that insurgents would be able to beat our troops with them
    M-16s are shitty weapons btw

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