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  1. Hmm…it also says that the Vatican has no problem with being gay, it’s gay SEX that’s the sin. That’s like saying “Yeah, I’d like a cheeseburger. Hold the cheese, the meat, the condiments, and the vegetables. Just give me the bun.”

  2. “The Catholic Church considers homosexual intercourse to be a sin — as it does all sex outside of marriage — but does not consider homosexuality itself to be one.

    “‘Homogenital behavior is objectively immoral, while making the important distinction between this behavior and a homosexual orientation, which is not immoral in itself,’ the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has said.”

    Indeed, this is truly a fascinating perspective.

    The Bible appears to suggest that homosexuality is wrong because a homosexual will not produce children. If that’s true, does that mean that abstinence is also wrong?

  3. Yeah I love how they basically say gay sex is a sin because it’s sex outside of marriage and yet won’t allow gays to get married.

  4. Yeah I love how they basically say gay sex is a sin because it’s sex outside of marriage and yet won’t allow gays to get married.

    That isn’t really what they’re saying though. They’re saying it is immoral just like extramarital sex, but they aren’t saying gay sex is immoral because it’s extramarital sex.

    They’re basically arguing that man was biologically designed to have sex with a woman, therefore it is sinful if he has sex with another man, because his body wasn’t designed to do that.

    It’s about as justifiable as saying gay sex is bad because it gets poo-poo on your ding-a-ling.

  5. “What the pope meant to say was that in God’s eyes, a person is born either man or woman. And to deny this fundamental concept, central to Catholic teaching, is to create confusion.”

    But…hermaphrodites? What about them?

  6. What bothers me about the Catholic church is that they condemn homosexuality but seem to condone priests who molest little boys by covering things up, moving the priests to different locations so they can continue their preying on young children. Sex between two consenting adults who love each other is wrong but preying on innocent children is okay as long as the media doesn’t get hold of it? WTF, Pope?!

  7. “Part of the Church’s mission is to “protect the human beings against self-destruction,” the Pope said in his annual address…”

    Gee, the way they’ve got that worded, makes it sound like the Church is populated by aliens 😉

    @ needingsun: Indeed – I consider that to be ample evidence that at the end of the day, all the Church really cares about is its own survival, no matter what they say to the contrary…

    @ D.A.K.: I was going to raise that same point, but ya beat me to it 😉

  8. “saying gay sex is bad because it gets poo-poo on your ding-a-ling.” So where does this leave lesbians, hmm?
    The poo-poo on the dingaling bit has always struck me as rather squicky, why any man would want to… well, I don’t need to go there.
    I firmly believe God made homosexuals for a reason, all I ask is that they don’t do it in the street and scare the horses, as my grandmother used to say.

  9. I think that analogy’s very apt, Storot, but you forget one important thing: while clergymen don’t hate gays, but only hate gay sex, they have no need to worry about gay sex anyway, since there isn’t ever going to be any gay sex happening around the sort of person who is going to condemn it, much like how you don’t ever get real meat, cheese or vegetables in a cheeseburger! Know what I mean?

    Oh, everyone, I’m sick of all this blabbering on about the ins-and-outs of a duck’s arse regarding the Vatican and Islam and all the moral preconceptions that they have. We all know it’s bullshit, and yes, we all know that it’s wrong — people have known that for several hundred years.

    So, why don’t we cut the small talk, eh? I’, sick of it as much as you are. Come on! Why don’t we just ask the Royal Navy to launch a big fucking nuke at the Vatican, and let that be that!

  10. @ Felis: Unfortunately, however, there are still plenty of people who haven’t figured out it’s all bullshit yet…

  11. One of the arguments about homosexuality that really squicked me compared gay sex to a vagina filled with shit. And. My girl parts clenched in revulsion.

    But there are people who just don’t get it. I was actually speaking with my mother the other day about how Pallin was being rather foolish in continuing to support the abstinence-only sex ed when she’s got a pregnant teenage daughter. My mother’s response: “But she knows abstinence works!”


  12. About half of gay men rarely or never have anal sex anyway. It’s hardly the defining feature of gay sexuality in the way that conservatives try to paint it.

  13. “poo-poo on your ding-a-ling”

    Which is why God created enemas. After all, how were Adam and Eve supposed to get kinky before they got the knowledge of good and nasty?

  14. Ah, the Vatican is horrible anyway. What can one honestly expect from that den of medieval troglodytes?

    Religion as a concept is not worth it to begin with, but the Vatican is a good example of the insanity fundamental to the entire delusional notion that is religion. The only ones who possibly outdo them in their sheer crazyness are the nuts who blow themselves up over it.

  15. OMFG. I think that new tract must have come up just yesterday or today, because it wasn’t there when I posted the link to the piece-of-shit book.
    But that new tract… it’s amazing how Chick can take all the misgivings people like me have about our own religion, and turn it completely twisted. You know, I’m amazed that Chick believes that every single thing that’s “evil” on this planet has a little demon taking orders directly from Satan behind it. I’m a somewhat religious person, but I honestly don’t believe that someone like Satan arranges all sorts of mischief, or even that he would have the power to. After all, isn’t God supposed to be all-powerful? I remember from reading the Inferno, Satan was sealed by God in a huge lake of ice. That doesn’t put anyone in a good position to work any evil, regardless of what your definition of evil is.
    Wow, all this is making my head hurt, and I haven’t even drunk anything (not that I legally can). I’m looking forward to seeing a Chick dissection soon, but in the meantime, keep up with the political rants. They’re fun to read too.
    By the way, whatever happened to “Institutionalized Ageism” and “The Case Against Liberal Economics”?

  16. Speaking of Tracts, I suggeest you do the previous “new Tract”, Jabberwock, known as “Someone Angry?”. You’re falling behind here! I don’t pay my television licence for this!

    Actuall,y, while we’re on the subject, can I do this new one? I’ve been lurking here two years and not once have I done anything useful!

    It’s interesting, “Papa” is, since what most of Chick says in the Tract is actually not far off the mark, and you’ll find yourself agreeing with him. Chick IS right for a change — Catholicism is a load of bollocks . . . but then we have to remind him that so is rabid Protestantism straight after, so he doesn’t start thinking that we’re on his side.

    Both sects of Christianity are really just two different toppings on the same bullshit pizza.

  17. One thing I’ve been meaning to ask you, Jabberwock:

    I’ve been reading a few comments on AOL from users saying with Obama as president the U.S will get a lot worse. They say the economy will get worse, we will get attacked again, unemployment will raise, more people will lose their homes, people will lose more of their freedoms and Obama is a socialist. What do you have to say about that?

  18. @ kuromiko: LOL – Yeah, I saw that. I thought, gee, I can sleep SO much better at night now knowing that the Catholic Church has given us permission to believe in aliens!

  19. I still hold that Chick is actually an atheist trying to make Christianity look as stupid as possible. And succeeding.

    Please let me keep this delusion for the sake of my sanity.

  20. Jabberwock
    I think you should do a dissection on home alone, i know you’ll have to buy that Hot Topics book but it seems worth it for an exclusive piece of Chick nuttery

  21. If you’re so freakin’ keen, why don’t you buy him the book, Brandon? He’s already indicated that the Dissections are kind of personal time-sucks, and now you want him to pay to do one?

  22. Actually I liked Jabberwock’s approach on “First Bite”, his most recent Dissection, using a round-table of views.
    If the Dissections have been put on hold, could we still chip in our two cents? Even most Christians find Chick’s views laughable at best.

  23. Chick and Jabberwock seem to put out content at about the same rate. So pretty much every comment thread ends up with someone pointing out the new Chick tract.

  24. I firmly believe God made homosexuals for a reason, all I ask is that they don’t do it in the street and scare the horses, as my grandmother used to say.

    I agree Panda Rosa about God making people homosexual, I think its to stop our species from overloading the planet and causing a mass extinction of us.

  25. One thing I’ve always wanted to try, if I could get away with it without losing 60+ years of my life, is to become Pope.

    Yes. I want to be Pope.

    And once I HAVE the Hat of Popeness, I will immediately liberalize the Catholic Church. On live international television, in front of millions of believers: “Guess what, folks, women can be pastors now. In fact, lesbian pastors can adopt cloned children now.” I’m the Pope, divinely ordained by God… what are they doing to do, quietly shuffle me offstage and have me murdered?

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