Let’s trample someone’s child to death for a mediocre deal on a TV!

The more I hear about this kind of shit, the more I believe that one of these years, we should lure all these people into these big-box stores, and once they’ve all stampeded inside, we should seal the places up from the outside and cover them in concrete.

We really do condition ourselves to exhibit tremendously sickening behavior, don’t we?

40 thoughts on “Let’s trample someone’s child to death for a mediocre deal on a TV!”

  1. I just want to know what is wrong with people. They let themselves get into such a frenzy that they started by damaging property, and that their loss of control ended up killing someone is inexcusable. The first website linked says that “we shouldn’t judge those Walmart shoppers because we weren’t there” (paraphrased). That is complete crap. Those shoppers need to be held responsible for their conduct and for the results of their behavior. I hope they are able identify the responsible parties. If someone is prosecuted for this hopefully the extreme bargain-hunters will cool down next year.

  2. I think that Walmart should be held accountable for what happened to that poor employee. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been for him and the co-workers who attempted to help him. There should have been more security and a controlled environment. I can’t imagine what goes through a person’s mind to knowingly trample someone in order to get a sale item. They had to have known they were stepping on something or someone but all that was in their minds was getting the item(s) they wanted at a cheaper price. I guess the value for a human life is not as much as an item with a “smiley-faced” price tag. How sad for this poor man and his family. My heart goes out to them. I hope Walmart gets sued to the max for this horrible incident.

  3. I do not blame the people in front. From my memories of the crowded halls of my high school — less frantic than I imagine the Wal-Mart Black Friday stampede would be — the more people that are trying to get in one direction, the more difficult it is for an individual to change direction, much less stop. A crowd like that is a many-headed blob, and one head realizing something is wrong and trying to stop won’t halt its progress, only cause the sensible head to be trampled as well.

    If any of them are to be charged, the entire group should be held accountable.

  4. I will never understand Americans.

    That said, the usual British method of forming a very long queue isn’t exactly the norm.

  5. That’s one reason I don’t like shopping there in the first place–and I speak as a Christian.
    Okay, now you can turn me in to my fellow Southern Born-Agains, have them stone me to death.

  6. Hear, hear, Tenebrais.

    Having said that, a relative of mine seems to take great delight in these sorts of bargain bum rushes. He sees competeing with the Wal-Mart freaks (or the British equivalent, which I think actually does not exist en masse, due to us just being, well, er, more normal) as a sport.

    Yes. A sport.

    He treats the initial rush through the door as a horde of NAizs, and himself as Indiana Jones. He takes great delight in shoving pushy bastards out the way, diving over items to get to the one he wants, holding the doors shut temporarily while I find the item (and spouting “It’s no use, cap’n, she cannae take nae more!”) as they bulge under the strain of others, treats larger fellow-bargain hunters as boulders (again, he thinks he’s Indiana Jones), and humming the bloody theme tune (when he doesn’t run in screaming, that is).

    If he was in that store when the incident with that poor child happened, he would probably try to throw him a bullwhip as a lifeline.

    I am not making this up. That slightly-fire-damaged sofa in the upstairs landing-cum-lounge has one epic story to tell, as does pretty much every piece of electronics in the house.

    Shame that the stories are all so bloody stupid — they’re quite epic when he recalls them.

  7. The first website linked says that “we shouldn’t judge those Walmart shoppers because we weren’t there” (paraphrased). That is complete crap.

    … the first website linked is satirical, dude.

  8. I’m sorry, but has anyone here been in a crowd gone ugly? If you had been, I don’t think that you would be posting condemnations. This incident is squarely Wal-Mart’s fault. The “limited quantity” BS, the lack of security, and how no effort was made to control the crowd, all added up to this incident. This could have been avoided with a couple of cheap posts with ropes attached.

  9. lessthan: “Everybody does it” does not justify things like this. Every one of the people in the front of that crowd had the ability to perceive what was happening and take steps to correct it. Whatever people may behave like, they’re not actually mindless herd animals. You are right in that the whole Black Friday insanity was a major contributing factor, but the people who were stepping on that poor bastard cannot be absolved of responsibility simply because they turned off their brains to get a $40 Blu-Ray player.

  10. commodorejohn: I agree with everything you said, except that while people may behave like mindless herd animals, they ARE actually mindless herd animals. This isn’t exclusive to Black Friday; happens all the time. People are panicky as FUCK when they get into a crowd. A PERSON can be intelligent. A collective often can’t. They’re still responsible, of course, but nothing we can do will stop this from happening.

  11. Storot: There’s a difference between “people can’t reason in a crowd” and “people don’t reason in a crowd,” though. Were it actually true that people are incapable of thinking straight as part of a collective, I wouldn’t be arguing that they share responsibility. It’s quite true that most people do let themselves be ruled by mob mentality, and it’s possible that it’s too late to get that behavior out of the adults, but I think we should at least be teaching kids more about thinking independently of the group than they are being taught, to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future. Not that that would ever happen in the public school system, though.

  12. I agree with Commodorejohn in his calling this a “feeding frenzy”. I’ve been in downtown Detroit during Christmas and was THAT a learning experience. It was as though I were watching sharks after chum. It was disgusting. People lost all sense of decency and reason. I literally had items painfully ripped from my arms. I threw every item down and let these animals have at it. I felt as though I were with a bunch of animals instead of civilized humans. It was disgusting and I wanted no part of it. I have seen people in this frenzy and I am sure the Walmart powers that be have seen more than their share of these frenzied shoppers. They are responsible and should be held accountable. They are trying to appear as they didn’t expect such an event. Come on, Walmart has been in the retail business for several years. It is as though a person or two getting injured is insignificant as long as the numbers are up in sales. It’s disgusting.

  13. Is it any wonder that so many of us enjoy shopping on-line bare-assed naked?! This way there are usually no injuries nor fatalities.

  14. At comment 15: where the hell did that come from!? I worry about you, sometimes…

  15. To look at this incidence and similar incidences all the time, one would assume that our humanity is catching up with us, so to speak. I would be most interested in anyones thoughts on what are the core(root) problems that our culture and humanity has on a whole that create such incidences.

  16. commodorejohn, I am aware if the difference between can’t and don’t and I feel that mobs can’t think. You have no control over your movements. I’m not saying you lose you mind and can’t think for yourself. You are physically forced in the direction that the mob is moving. You either move with it or get trampled. It is self-organizing and has almost nothing to do with the will of the people involved.

  17. I do agree with Mollyscribbles up there, about how one person cannot really stop a crowd from crushing someone, since they also will probably be injured. I wonder if anyone noticed when it was happening?

    However, I do think that Wal-Mart could take at least some responsibility. Maybe some security measures would have helped…

    Wal-Mart aside, the fact that people would *trample others to death* over something as trivial as shopping is immensely depressing.

    The first link did have me laughing a little bit, though.

  18. Hi first time commenter, long time reader.

    This is terrible. How can people act like this, really. Wal-Mart does need to be more responsible with how they manage crowds. Haven’t Americans heard of “a queue”?

  19. Absolution: Yes, we have (although we don’t use your crazy British slangs.) It’s just that these assholes somehow decide that getting a cheap PS3 justifies abandoning basic human decency.

  20. Hmmm… how cheap was the PS3? Because if they lowered the price enough, I’d certainly trample an employee or two.

  21. I do agree with Mollyscribbles up there, about how one person cannot really stop a crowd from crushing someone, since they also will probably be injured.

    Better to be murdered than to be a murderer. The fact that the right thing to do is hard doesn’t make it any less right; nor does the fact that it won’t make a visible difference. We admire conscientious objectors to the draft, don’t we?

  22. There’s something of an involuntary reaction at work, when you’re literally being pushed along by a crowd. Have you ever reflexively took a step forward when someone tried to push you over? Think about it: In maybe half a second, you need to process “There is a person in front of me. They won’t be able to move out of the way before the crowd hits them. I need to stop so they won’t be hurt, even if it means I’ll be injured.”

    Instead, you’re finding your legs moving forward in a desperate attempt to keep your balance.

    And the people behind you don’t even have a chance to react, because they don’t see the problem. You’re standing in the way.

    Conscientious objectors to a war have more than a second to make their decision; they have the option of choice.

  23. Again, like Mollyscribbles said, you would have maybe half a second or so of time in which to realize that

    1) a person is in front of you, in the way
    2) they cannot get out of the way and are going to be hurt
    3) you need to determine how and if you can stop this from happening
    4) then take action. Possibly by being trampled along with them, if you try to stop.

    While the whole there-is-a-person-in-the-way-about-to-be-crushed thing might not take very long to notice, the taking action part would be more difficult.

    I’m not saying that absolves everyone of the crime; but still, it is not as if they looked down and stepped on him intentionally as they reached for their new x-box.

    I can’t help but wonder if anyone got nervous when they stepped on something soft, though. *shudders*

    Aren’t there doors that can be opened by pushing a button far, far away somewhere?

  24. D.A.K, just be thankful that incidents like this don’t happen very often.

    And, yes, the very thought of stepping on someone soft gives me that same disgusting feeling.

    Speaking of that – Absolution, what in the hell is thatimage on your website? That’s fucking disgusting.

  25. I imagine a few people might have stopped and felt rather sick about the rush, once they broke free of the mob. Especially if they stepped on something soft. Or something hard that gave way.

    Now, the people who shoved the police who were trying to help a while later, when the flow had slowed down? Those guys should be held accountable.

  26. And in other new – USAToday is currently carrying a story entitled – “Dog Frozen to Sidewalk; Fat Helped It Survive” (yes, really; check it!). It occurs to me that this serves as a metaphor for the state of our nation in recent years.

  27. Felis: If I had to guess, I’d say it’s PROBABLY a woman gagging SO much on that cock that her gag reflex tripped hard enough to cause her to vomit all over it. For those who saw the image, have fun knowing what you saw. For those of you who haven’t seen it, have fun with the mental image I’ve just given you.

  28. a woman gagging SO much on that cock that her gag reflex tripped hard enough to cause her to vomit all over it. For those who saw the image, have fun knowing what you saw.

    Meh, I’m over it. It was unpleasant, but I’ve heard of and seen pictures of even worse fetishes. Two girls and a cup, anyone?

    Though I admit to being still disturbed by the extravagant waste of food, as well as the damage repeated vomiting causes to the teeth enamel. If she’s really so clueless as to do this, she will certainly pay through, and with, the teeth.

  29. Whoa, conversation here took a weird turn.

    Walmart definitely bears a good chunk of responsibility, here, but there’s no way you could claim that everyone who stampeded into that store was innocent of any wrongdoing. Undoubtedly there were a lot of people who were just physically shoved forward and had little to no control over what was going on, which is excusable at least to an extent, but the fact that people actually work themselves up like that enough to risk others’ lives and not give a shit what or who is standing in the way of their LOW LOW PRICES is depressing, and fortifies my already misanthropic regard for a sizable chunk of our species.

    Randy: Yeah, but that waste is sadly nothing compared to the amount of perfectly good food that grocery stores throw out every day or two because it expires on the shelves.

  30. Only one question, Storot: Did she make sure the DOG was Okay? Nothing else you say, no matter how sickening, how repugnant, how much I have to scrub my eyes with battery acid to expel any lingering after-images, nothing else matters if the frozen dog was hurt in any way.

  31. To those of you who say that when you’re stuck in a mob like that you don’t have but a second to think and react else be trampled yourself…I understand that..

    But I can’t help thinking that maybe…JUST MAYBE….people could have taken a moment or three BEFOREHAND as they noticed the crowd gaining size to think that maybe it would be a better idea to WAIT to go shopping (or heaven forbid take advantage of bargains during the rest of the year). I can’t help thinking that if people weren’t so insane about the shopping or could comport themselves as mature, reasonable adults, that Walmart wouldn’t have so much reason to worry about extra security and whatnot…

    Sometimes I think that a great many people, despite the maturation of their bodies, never really get past a high school mentality (if that). Really is rather sad…

  32. Panda Rosa: I heard the dog survived, and is basically fine, other than its life-saving obesity. They’re still on watch for any lingering effects, but it looks like the animal will be okay.

  33. As for everyone blaming me for the conversation’s weird turn, please blame Absolution for posting the pic in the first place. In addition to blaming me for discussing it.

  34. Auracle: You make a good point, but are working on the assumption that these people are reasonable and thought this through. Generally, the ones who line up for Black Monday are the type to view shopping as a competitive sport. The person who gets the best deals wins.

  35. “these people are reasonable” — Not if they are “Christians” and by that I mean the hyper-sensitive Southern Born-Again kind, who scream and yell at the least bit of resistance to their Gawd-Given Mandate to Always Be Considered In The Right. And I’m speaking as a Christian, and for a time one of that bright noisy crew. I look at them now and can but weep.
    (viva il papa)
    I remember my mother having a payment issue with one of these hyper-BA kind, and when she asked him about showing some decency and charity, he snipped “This is not about God, it’s about business!” No more needs be said.

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