Rocket Man

So, I made a short film, and created a website for this film and all the future films I’m intending to make.

The film is here. It’s at 720p on the site, so it might be a little taxing depending on the system. If you encounter issues with stuttering in audio and/or video, try clicking the “HD is on” button to turn it off and reduce the resolution. Please keep me posted if you run into problems, since I’m curious about how big a problem it is and how effective a cure turning HD off is. I might eventually upload a version to YouTube; we’ll see.

Check out the production blog as well, which will not only provide greater details about each of the films, but also other information and various things I haven’t quite figured out yet.

While you’re there, sign up for an account. If you’re interested in receiving inevitable e-mail updates about future films, put the word “bearmace” in the “Yahoo messenger” field (since in all the forums and various other things I’ve used that have individual accounts, I’ve never actually seen this field filled in).

Enjoy. I hope.

12 thoughts on “Rocket Man”

  1. The film is creative, imaginative and very entertaining. I love the stairway scene. I am very impressed. Keep them coming. Everyone check this out. It’s great!

  2. I love the film as well, mainly the mirror scene.The ending was a little cliched, but with Tom’s exclamation of “shit”, as well as ‘Rocket Man’ playing it was made slightly humorous.

  3. Clicking HD Off fixes the skips and is barely different on lower-quality monitors, but far better quality than Youtube.

  4. Although your film is well executed, the only constructive criticism I could offer, you yourself have already leveled in the blurb on Vimeo when you alluded to it as being “… perhaps a bit of a throwback to the Twilight Zone …” It is reminiscent of an episode from March, 1963 entitled “The Parallel.” A brief plot synopsis: an astronaut enters an parallel universe, where he notices inconsistencies because of an alternate history. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery then you have definitely borrowed from the best (subconsciously, or not)! Plus, yours has something that T.Z.’s were rather short on though, and that is humor (such as the food labels which were absolutely priceless)!

  5. TawBwrrd: Boooooooo! This is an excellent film and any throwback to an episode of an old 1963 Twilight Zone episode can only be a compliment. I thought the entire film–all almost 9 minutes of it–was excellent and the filming, acting, direction and art was amazing and ever-so-creative for an up and rising newcomer. Come on, where have you seen something that is so clever in a while? I thought it was so good and the “pigs’ milk” the “dolphin in a can” the stairs and the mirror segments were very clever. There are so many new films that resemble others previously done but this was something that I truly enjoyed. Don’t take away from it but embrace it. It is refreshing to find new talent who can grab our imagination and run with it.

  6. Er, I don’t think TawlBwrrd meant I was copying or anything. Actually, the plots are rather different, and both could arguably be construed as ripoffs of Doppelganger. 😛

    It’s not that great a film, honestly, and it really isn’t all that original as far as the plot was concerned — I was mostly testing out the camera. Thanks, though. 🙂

  7. I meant no offense. As author Fran Lebowitz said: “Original thought is like original sin: both happened before you were born to people you could not have possibly met.” I have, in fact, applauded Mr. Crowley’s past creative endeavors and I encourage as much more output as is possible (since we are each on borrowed watches with alarms set to unknown times).

  8. That last aside sounded so morose, but I only meant that I wish I had accomplished as much as you seem to have when I was in my 20’s, and that you should continue to do so! 🙂

  9. As talented as you are, I was just curious, have you ever attempted or would you consider doing an animated short?

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