Post Write For Make Show Appreciation PowerPuff Girls

After seeing this Weekend Web post at SomethingAwful, I found myself bafflingly inspired to write some shitty fanfic, in the style of Borat or Zlad or Vlad from Achewood. Because, well, someone on the internet has to write shitty fanfic, for once.

PowerPuffs is wake up in morning, wipe out sleepy eyes. Is beautiful morning, with bird on branch to sing and sun on sky. Professor Utonium shout at girls to make ready for school. Girls is to argue, in usual way. Then they make way for school.

Schools go as normal, and girls go to head home. Is day, anything can be occur after schol!

They girls is to getting back to house when abrupt! the Profesor bring him out him of the lab the chemist X! No reasons! Professor is behave suspect. Bubbles is bring the fist of her against Profesor! Proffessor’s face is become off, with reveal underneath MojoJojo! Is really robot doppelgang!

Chemistry X fall to floor, is shatter. Floor rise up, become is mutant monster of carpets! Girls is run out of house afraids. Monster of carpet follow! Proffeser put is tie up in basement, no avail!

MojoJojo run after. ” That Chemist X I intention of for me!” shouts.

Buttercup sling large cut of block at him, shut him up. “Carpet monster is to be dealing with!” she cry at him.

Monster of carpet run at city! Mayor abrupt! puts shits in own pants with panic! Blosom is tell other girls come with in flying. She is leader! They obey, is fly at city with arc of light!

Monster of carpet use many tentical to put rubbing against self of townpeoples! Each is put burden upon with rug-burnings! PowerPuffs make arrival, put fists quickly at monster of carpet. Is many punches, but all not to effect! Use eye of laser beam but no effect too. Is hopeless!

Abrupt! Bublles is grab with tentacal! Monster of carpet to rub up against with fury! Bubbles is have give burden of friction. Is made down for count.

Blussom project cut of block of building at monster of carpet. Block is shatter! No effect!

Girls is make regroup, construct plan. “Darn!” Is say Buttercup. “We have make violent and achieve no effect on monster!”

“I make idea.” Tell Blossom at others in whisper voice. Blossom start speak, but becomes wordless noise of whisper. Camera is seep out and in again.

Girls has make construct large vaccuum outside of town. Is powerful strong at the sucking!

Vaccum is fly into city from girls.

“Make ready!” is shout Bubbles.

Buttercup is distract monster with taunt and vicious! “You are having unpleasant smell!” She shout. She make waving arm, and make unpleasant of her face! “You have mother of size of barn with numerous mangy cow inside!”

Monster is attack! For sake of anger resulting of insult!

Buttercup put dodges against monster, in fleeing grips of tentical! ” Are you giving at me your freshest? ” She shout. ” You are not very good!”

Monster make chases at Buttercup around building. Abrupt! is contfront by big vacuum!

” NOW ” shout Blossom! Bubbles and Blossom puts bottom of vacuumm at monster of carpet! Buttercup change switch to bring power! Monster of carpet make a panic of face! Is make scrambles, no avail! Chemist X is make remove from carpet with mighty suck! Monster of carpet is make only carpet, is fall down. No more obtain face or tentacle!

Buttercup remove power of vacuum. Girls is succumb of relief.

” But what become of MojojoJojo? ” ask Bubbles. “He have made this mess on us! ”

MojoJojo is see dark, is still have rock atop. Buttercup make remove burden of rock. Bubbles is grab MojoJojo. Blossom make remove of bondage of Professor in basement.

MojoJojo make face of anger, grumble noise. ” You make abortion of my evil plot again!” Is knock slap in face with carpet from Blossom, making shut up from talk.

” I guess we make clean his carpet!” say Bubbles. All make laughter. Circle of black enclose Mjojojjojo.

The End!

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  1. I teach English in Japan… It sounds like you used to! My students all write like this.

    I am exciting! The story make laugh me with big voice!

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