I wonder how much time is wasted on the whole if you were to combine all the hours people spend weeding spam out of things. I think we should all file a class action lawsuit for compensation. Sometimes I feel like I’m a goddamned part-time ad executive rejecting unsolicited submissions. Were it possible for an individual to actually track these people down and prosecute them, I’d hang something like the following somewhere on the site and go after them to collect:

ENTER THE JABBERRWOCK DOT COM (hereafter ‘we’/’me’/’us’) DOES NOT ACCEPT UNSOLICITED ADVERTISEMENTS. By submitting an advertisement to this site via the comments, you are agreeing to compensate me for my time spent removing it, to total no less than $2.00 USD per submission. (One ‘submission’ is considered one comment post that offers a product or service either through one or more links or through the URI link provided on the comment form.)

Payments will be expected within thirty (30) days from the time of your submission. If you are not timely with your payment and miss the deadline, your balance will be sold to a third-party debt collector.

You know, THIS is something the telecommunications companies could be working on, instead of trying to fuck everyone over. How much do you think they could save in bandwidth were spam outlawed? They could make more money and not piss off just about everyone in the country at the same time!

2 thoughts on “SPAM SPAM SPAM”

  1. Oh, my God… I read comments on the comment feed, and saw something like 11 spams!

    I know that this is hard work to fight comment spam, and I know you have Aksimet installed, but have you looked into installing other plug ins to help it out? I know Akismet says you don’t need other plugins in addition, but this is obviously not true. Other sites say that they use others in tandem. I haven’t even released my WordPress blog yet, and I already have no confidence in Akismet.

    Maybe a plug in that puts non-registered posts in moderation, or reads the subject line to throw out posts with the fucking dumb ass word “phentermine”.

    Also you can try renaming the filename of wp-comments-post.php, and then renaming the two or three references to the file in the WP code.

    I don’t like to tell other people how to run their websites, particularly since I don’t know much about it myself. But I enjoy this site, and I feel that spammers have found they can hammer away at it. Anything to reduce their successful hits will be better for your site management, and for your readers.

    Sorry if I seem bossy or anything.

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