Dispatches From the Cave: The Personal Blog of Osama Bin Laden

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 | 11:18 AM

I mailed a threat to the infidel today. Nothing special, but just something to keep them on their toes. Omar took two Polaroid photographs of me. In the first one, I’m pointing to a picture of an explosion. In the second one, I’m pointing right into the camera. I think it makes my point clearly.

I am furious. I cannot believe that the United Arab Emirates is making people in America more afraid than I am. All they are doing is buying some ports. I hijacked four planes and crashed them into three buildings, for the sake of Allah! Maybe I should get into real estate.

My birthday is about a week away. Hard to believe I will be forty nine! I do not care much for birthdays anymore. The novelty wore off decades ago. I suspect my wives and Omar are planning something, but I really hope they are not. Maybe I should have them all beaten. I might want to celebrate or something next year, since I will be half a century old, but I’m not up for a surprise party. It would just depress me. Omar, if you are reading this, I swear to Allah you’d better not be planning a surprise party.

All in all, I have been feeling okay this week. I think my anger at the infidel has been keeping me from getting too depressed. We will see what happens with those pictures I mailed them. Maybe I am finally pulling myself out of this rut.

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  1. Inauthentic, Crowley. You need to throw in some Mohammed references and also the asides after Allah and Mohammed (“peace be upon him”, etc.).

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