Another Installment of Yet Another Unfunny Conservative Comic

Again, via Pandagon, we take the shitcake baked for us by Chris Muir called “Day By Day”, remove the text, and make it actually somewhat funny.

This one isn’t as bad as the last one. This is probably because he wasn’t trying to make some kind of a statement with it. Still, not all that funny, I think because it uses a joke so old there’s evidence of it pre-dating tool use among early humans.

Here’s the original:

…and here’s what I made of it (two, this week):

P.S. – You can tell he just totally wants to fuck these characters. I mean, I know it’s kind of an exaggerated stylization for the most part, but have you ever seen women standing around like that talking to each other?

6 thoughts on “Another Installment of Yet Another Unfunny Conservative Comic”

  1. I didn’t find the “death threat” comic all that funny at first, until I went back and looked at her hair color, and then I almost doubled up with laughter.

    About the necks, though. I believe there’s a tribe in Southeast Asia that wears brass rings around their necks to give a stretched neck effect. However, they wear the rings all the time, unlike these women, who take them off a few hours a day.

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