Go Home and Bake Me A Pie, Ms. O’Beirne

This book is fuckawful, for what I feel are very obvious reasons:

(As noted on FireDogLake, don’t they look a little like how the Jews were depicted in Nazi propaganda?)

My Amazon.com Review:

This, like Bernard Goldberg’s “Hundred People Who are Screwing Up America”, is another book in which the writer projects his or her own negative attributes onto others. Of course, the real people “Screwing Up America” and “Mak[ing] the World Worse” are the people who make lists of others they feel are doing so. Three cheers for irony.

What I find disturbing is that this is a woman arguing that women should be subservient to men, and that every advancement that’s come about to further sexual equality is somehow an atrocity. This unnamed cousin to Stockholm Syndrome seems to run rampant among the women of the current brand of conservatives in the Republican party. Imagine a slave in the 1800s begging for heavier shackles.

I guess the most repugnant thing about this book, though, is that she attacks feminism while at the same time benefiting from it at, what, fifteen dollars a copy? Doesn’t she know women shouldn’t be writing in the first place? Or attending Princeton?

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