A Synthpop Fistfight

I would like to share with you all my first attempt at a mashup. For those who don’t know, a mashup is when one takes two or more songs and combines them into one, in usually interesting ways.

So, here’s I U Zissou Together (Take On Us), a mashup of A-Ha’s “Take On Me”, Peaches’ “I U She”, and Mark Mothersbaugh’s “Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op” from the soundtrack to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Click image for larger size.

Cover art courtesy Janet Bruesselbach.
Click here to check out her site.

Ben describes it as follows:

“God, it’s like a synthpop fistfight. The image I’ve got in my head is of Cthulhu rising from his ages-long sleep, hearing this, and then fleeing in mortal terror.”

Enjoy. And if you enjoy it enough, please feel free to send me money via the PayPal link–“Donate”–to the left of the site, just below the nav.

(P.S. – I had a dream about a month and a half ago about how “Take On Me” was a song about a guy with AIDS and his conversation with his lover about still making love. Thinking about the dream afterward, I had the feeling my subconscious was actually on to something. Lines like “I’ll be gone in a day or two”, “Say after me: It’s no better to be safe than sorry”, “Slowly learning that life is okay”, et cetera.)

4 thoughts on “A Synthpop Fistfight”

  1. Hi! I’m Lauren. You don’t know me, but Janet does — I went to Mirman with her. I just want to tell you that my iTunes plays this mashup for me all the time, which I enjoy so much that I decided to send it to a friend. But I didn’t know how to explain it — I’ve had it so long, I forgot where it came from! One Google search later, here I am, back after more than two years to finally say thank you.

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