A Brief Word on the “Death Tax”

The entire “death tax” terminology is an invention of the neoconservatives. It’s called the “estate tax”, and whether it affects lower-income families who would receive massive estates from rich uncles or not, it’s intended to attempt to prevent perpetuation of aristocracy.

Some rich fuckass avoiding taxes doesn’t just keep him or her from having to pay, it shuts down an art program for a public school. Or makes it harder for a few hundred lower-income kids to get Pell Grants. Or et cetera.

We can either have a society where nobody pays any taxes at all, and everyone has to fend for themselves for everything because the government has no revenue, or we can have a society where the rich people pay several million dollars out of hundreds of millions total earnings, but, y’know, single mothers and war widows don’t have to FUCKING FIGHT OVER DISCARDED PIZZA CRUSTS AND THEN CHEW THEM UP AND SPIT THE MUSH INTO THEIR TOOTHLESS CHILDREN’S HUNGRY, GAPING MOUTHS BECAUSE NOBODY CAN AFFORD DENTAL CARE ANYMORE, YOU GREEDY CUNTS.

In a country where there are corporate execs who make about 500 times the amount of the average employee because they can essentially write their own paychecks, there HAS to be some kind of balancing factor SOMEWHERE. And it’s not like they don’t just get out of having to pay a good deal of inheritance tax by writing all their belongings over to family-owned trusts anyway.

Anyone who supports abolition of the estate tax can fornicate themselves with an old rake.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Word on the “Death Tax””

  1. One of the complaints I’ve heard against the ‘death tax’ is that you’re effectively being taxed multiple times on the same money. For instance, you make 100,000 a year, you pay income taxes. You invest money, and pay taxes on your earnings. You die, you pay taxes on what money you have left.

    On the other hand, I’m not a fan of some guy handing 10 billion dollars to some grandson who hasn’t graduated college. But, at the same time, I think someone should be able to leave their home to their children without the children worring about how they are going to pay the estate tax without selling the home.

    At what point would you say estate tax should come into play? $10 million? $1 million? Seems stupid to charge middle class families for this stuff, but what do you think?

  2. Most people earning 100k per year won’t be paying the estate tax. See, the floor was already at $1 million. It’s now at $3.5 million (probably fair for inflation). Russ Feingold offered $100 million, but the Republicans panned even that. No, they want to eliminate it entirely. Burden on the middle class my ass. In my area, an average house doesn’t exactly cost $1 million — and if it does in your area, you should get the fuck out of the Bay Area. :-p

    The ‘middle class’ is not and has never been affected by the estate tax. Neither are those vaunted ‘family farms’ — there’s a specific exemption (up to $5 million) for family farms, and they’re given 10 years to pay it at no interest.

    As to double taxation, many states already have that. Excise taxes, sales taxes, property taxes — most of the money involved in those taxes also was taxed as income or capital gains.

    Well, the latter won’t be true for long. In any case, double taxation isn’t new nor is it particularly troubling.

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