October Search Results

Unfortunately, there are more search results than the stats page has been configured to display. I’ve been saving them as they come, because there are often humorous ones that only bring one or two hits and end up scrolled off the bottom of the “top 20” list.

On the left are the numbers of hits. On the right, the search words or phrases that brought those hits to my site.

34 jenna bush abortion
10 rubrgirl
5 david gonterman
2 drunken squirrel
2 enter the jabberwock
2 flip flop fetish
2 jabberwock
2 jenna bush and abortion
2 mst3k caption this!
1 albino nipples
1 and the road leads to nowhere lyrics
1 bailey’s drink commercial
1 bush and kerry video
1 bush daughter abortion appendectomy
1 bush drooping droopy face mouth debate
1 bush mocked convicted double murderer karla faye tucker lie
1 carol channing jam tomorrow
1 chrono trigger video clips
1 chrono trigger-clips
1 clockwork orange divx download
1 jenna-bush abortion
1 kerry’s humorous flip flop agenda
1 jabberwock muppet
1 jenna bush appendectomy abortion
1 dislike rudy giuliani
1 dungeons and dragons mp3 magic missile
1 enterthejabberwock
1 garbage fetish
1 demento dungeons dragons magic missile children
1 david gonterman comics
1 counter-strike teen violence

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