No News is Good News.

The following summary of the untruths of the third debate was brought to my attention earlier today: Click Here.

They kind of put a spin on the “tax” thing that doesn’t really put it in proper context, but takes it out of context in a different way than for what they criticize Kerry. There’s no enormous difference between pointing out the dollar values and pointing out the percentages. I know they were referring to the tax system itself and not its effects on the budget, but doing so neglects to take into account the overall unfairness of it. Maybe the lowest eighty percent is getting back more of a percentage than what they collectively pay, but what about the programs that will inevitably be cut or reduced due to lack of funding? While the top twenty percent may only be getting back what they put in, it’s still a huge chunk of revenue for the government that is now not there anymore. Who gives a shit how much each of them gets back proportionate to what they put in? It’s still fucked up.

Overall, through the rest of the article, the Post does a decent job of pointing out all the skews and such, but that beginning bit about taxes kind of irked me a little.

Though, I like that the Bush administration had the audacity to say the following:

The White House has argued that the program has a $3.7 billion shortfall, and that raising the maximum award while making the shortfall worse would be irresponsible.

That fills me with the most unimaginable sense of glee! That they can actually get away with using that as an excuse without people tearing them to fuck is just another sign that this country has become dangerously apathetic.

Left side of mouth: “Spending more on education that benefits the lower class when it could create a bigger shortfall is economically irresponsible!” Right side of mouth: “Giving away enormous tax breaks when it could create record-setting deficits that could potentially bankrupt the federal government is a fantastic idea!” I’m running out of clever combinations of curse words to call these people; “cuntmice” is the best I can do for right now.

Come on! Why is nobody in the mainstream media catching this shit? Clinton lies about getting a blowjob and it’s front page news. The Bush administration lies about policies that have a significant negative impact on the citizens of the country and it doesn’t even get a mention. Fuck you, mainstream media.

Anyone catch Jon Stewart’s appearance on CNN’s Crossfire? It was beautiful. We don’t get cable, so I ended up downloading it via BitTorrent. I think I watched the part where Jon calls Tucker Carlson a dick about a dozen times.

A lot of these shows are like this, though, and it’s a huge problem when over half of the country is getting their news from them. Bill O’Reilly’s show, for example, is just some blubbery, middle-aged, balding shitdick screaming at whatever guest he happens to somehow bribe into coming on. It’s not “debate” and it’s not “informative”, it’s a one-sided shouting match. People think of it as “news”, though, because it airs on the Fox News channel. It must be news if it’s on a news station! Funny thing – everything Fox News claims to be, it isn’t. “Fair and Balanced”? Fuck that. “News”? Bullshit. “Fox”? All I see are a bunch of obnoxious, hideous, neo-conservative assholes.

This same “not news/debate” concept applies to most “political” talk shows. Especially these guys on CNN. Admittedly, I’ve never really watched much of the show (except for the Jon Stewart episode), and have really only read a couple of transcripts, but you can just tell that these guys are complete assbags. They’re party-line entertainers trying to present themselves as political newscasters with their own opinions. Like Jon Stewart said, it’s the difference between professional wrestling and actual, y’know, wrestling. The sad thing is that they actually succeed at it. So instead of people getting, um, news, they end up pelted in the senses with a ton of garbage like “did Kerry flip-flop?” and “how serious was that injury?” and et cetera and all of the important issues are lost somewhere on or or a shitload of other more informative (if somewhat slanted, in some cases) locations where it will never be viewed by the people who truly need to viddy it because they’re all too busy jerking off over their fantasy baseball teams or posting to their LiveJournals about how great American Idol is and who they think will win.

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